Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

First, Install Adobe Illustrator using these instructions.

Once it is downloaded to your computer, run the program by finding it on your computer.

Click on the magnifying glass to search for it. Type in "adobe illustrator".

Click on the app to open it.

In Illustrator, click on the Learn section to start the onine tutorials.

Begin with Get to know Illustrator.

It will open a web browser.

Click on the Get files button to download a .zip file.

Each Section will have files to download.

Click on the downloaded file at the bottom of the screen to open and extract the files for the tutorial.

Once the files are open, you can find them in your downloads folder.

Get to your Downloads Folder, go to the Finder and select the Go Menu -> Downloads.

Open the top folder and now you're ready to watch the movie tutorial.

Switch back to your Chrome Web Brower and watch the video in the window


The five tutorials below will give you a great introduction to Illustrator. Be sure to download each set of files and do the exercises.


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